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Have you ever gotten a little lost or sidetracked in various rabbit holes when you search for hints of answers or solutions to your health, finance, career, and family/relationship problems? You’re not alone. I’m here to share interesting pieces of my journey in the hopes that experiences or findings that resonates with you will help you navigate your life with increased awareness and expanded consciousness so that you feel empowered. So that you can plow ahead regardless of various distractions/sales portal and create the changes for yourself. So that you do not give up and utilize warrior energy to stand right back up to face your challenges in much more intelligent and sophisticated methods. So that you can trust yourself and your instincts toward survival and choosing to live, a great life hopefully, and not lose sight of what is most important to you – your relative truths, your beliefs, your values, and that which you love and cherish most (which, dare I comment, may be prone to changes through intense or gradual phases of a growth journey).

I’m here to share my journey, investigations, and research, because my belief is that there is a solution to a vast majority of “modern” disorders, diseases, pain, and suffering which medicine has no obligation of addressing, yet the general expectation is to look for answers within the medical industries and health systems. If you ever felt like a lab rat, one that is making numerous physicians and healers very rich, yet you aren’t observing vibrant health, then you would have an idea of what I’m talking about.

We live in an incredibly convoluted and uncertain world, and no path or journey is clear, for no one can really be trusted. Well, you can trust yourself if you’ve been paying attention on your journey and actually learning what’s written in between the lines of situations and circumstances, but in general, it is wise to operate on the default level of trusting no one who says they can help you (for a hefty amount of fees and other strings attached).

Detox Utopia was found when I initiated my quest for health, to resolve my chronic pain in my mid-twenties, and that journey led me down rabbit holes in the conventional, allopathic, alternative, eastern, shamanic, and esoteric medicines. It has been an interesting ride, to say the least. I took everything very seriously of course, when I was investigating, researching, suffering, and struggling to find whatever professional and weird help I could in order to end my misery. I believed both in self help and external help, but something else was still missing. And then I went down the spiritual rabbit holes to investigate metaphysical explanations and remedies. I didn’t keep up with my blogging at all for a few years, feeling like I didn’t have anything important or of significance to share. This was despite the encouragement of a psychic shaman that shared that writing would be an excellent form of extraction for me, and also it may someday help those who crosses path with my writing. “How?” I inquired. “It’s not as  if I’ve managed to somehow figure everything out, and I’m no doctor nor expert. I just read a cave full of books and studied on my own.” It was for my future self to find out, and I think it is still for my future self to discover.

I decided that it is important to write, and to share, despite my hermit-like and introverted tendencies to keep my investigations private and personal. As it turns out, it really isn’t personal, because it concerns every human who has a body on this planet, as the toxins and poisons from all over the place are simply out of control and must be dealt with, on a collective and individual level, as it is our responsibility to be a good host to our bodies, others, and our environment. We can choose to walk towards the center of the sacred healing labyrinth and have various different experiences. We can choose to read about other people’s experiences, write about our own, collaborate with kindred spirits to help solve blind spots, and try to understand the meaning of living a life with constant visible and invisible health threats, so that real education and learning takes place rather than creating more problems so that someone can sell solutions to make a profit. Not everything is about a profit, and not everything, including souls, should be for sale. There are certainly far more questions for everyone to be asking than there are answers. Do not be afraid to ask your true questions, because the Ego (monkey mind) can be very tricky to bypass, and do not be afraid to speculate in attempts to connect the dots – if we never launch theories, we don’t get to practice this thing called life. Do not be afraid to connect the dots too with the heart and gut centers, for they cannot lie.

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I hope my writing inspires you to make interesting analysis and empowering decisions for yourself, and encourages you to navigate your health situation differently while traveling down the path of the labyrinth in finding sacred healing, restored balance, blessed harmony, and loving peace at all levels of our consciousness.