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Hello and welcome to Detox Utopia, a magical place where extraction work takes place and transforms frustrations into hope, courage, and joy.

There’s a cure out there and the solution exists, and the only reason why the destination is nowhere in sight is because the process is incredibly convoluted and uncertain. If only someone can wave a wand and identify the exact problem, and the exact method of reaching the destination or solution! This is a journey with twists, turns, surprises, disappointments, pain, happiness, and everything between Heaven and Earth. This existence and the non-stop inquiry and ways of trying to get “there” is a journey, and it is what we know to be valid, important, and urgent, because it’s our relative Truths.

Detox Utopia was found when I was suspected to have food allergies or intolerance, infections (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitical), anemia, dehydration, toxicity, stress, malnutrition, leaky gut, hypoglycemic symptoms, energy lethargy, hormonal and adrenal imbalances, possible autoimmune or cardiac conditions that were not confirmed with diagnostic tests when I embarked on a quest to resolve my chronic pain situation as early as 2006. Detox Utopia reminds me that the search is a journey, the solution exists even though it’s beyond my reach right now, and every single day takes me closer to the Eureka finish line. It reminds me to write, to breathe, meditate, because someday, I will find my answers and arrive at the center of my sacred healing labyrinth. Someday, I will look back and understand the meaning of all of this, and be able to look at this as an interesting segment of my life and offer tidbits of wisdom to others crossing similar paths.

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